Inrotech’s Seam Welding Robot

Main purpose

Designed for automatic welding of long-seam multipass welding’s using a unique technology that we at Inrotech invented.

Mechanical design

We use a small robot that is placed on a carriage running on a rail system.


Welding robot moves on the rail system.

System design

The core of the technology consists of the 3D laser scanner that provides the Weldplanner, which is the heart of this robotic welding solution. It calculates and then selects appropriate welding parameters, seam location and number of passes for each welding scenario. Before the welding starts, the robot makes a dry run in order to scan the weld groove. Once the welding process has been initiated, the robot will keep on welding until the groove has been filled up uniformly. Additional scan may be conducted during the process. For the maximal ease of use for our customers we developed user interface consisting of an icon based touch panel without any codes.

Welding targets

Constructions with large multipass welding’s. Our AMWT system, Adaptive Multipass Welding Technology, is handling even big variations in the welding groove, and is therefore the perfect match for welding’s on large constructions where tolerances may vary.