How we work

Our values

We have a distinctive set of Core Values which drive the way we do business – 
Complementing, Integrity, Courage, Creating Impact. 


We believe that the key to success is strong relations; to each other and to partners, clients and suppliers. As a team we are complementing each other, which makes us strong and capable.

welder and robot


We take pride in being honest and responsible. Openness about the good and the bad. Our word is our bond.

Robot welding presentation


We dare to be frontrunners and break new ground. The unknown does not scare us, it triggers our curiosity

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Our attitude is characterized by engagement and enthusiasm. With dedication we are pursuing to be the best at making the best products. Cutting edge technology is not something we buy, it’s something we make



INROTECH is a pioneer and a first-mover in the field of automated welding robots that are currently breaking in all areas with existing stereotypes, both mechnically, functionally and logistically. 

Inrotech is driven by an inherent innovative mindset, which is supported and displayed throughout the entire organization. A can-do attitude is embedded in Inrotech across all departments, from software to sales, and our quality focused employees are always looking to find the best and most innovative solutions to respond positively to changes, and that will help them improve the business for the better.