Welding Automation

- Inrotech featuring ALPT

With our unique ALPT (Adaptive Logic Programming Technology) innovation we have at Inrotech set new standards for future welding automation technology world wide. What makes us so different? Here are some of the revolutionary aspects our solutions feature:

  • Self programming robot intelligence
  • Very simple and intuitive operation
  • No engineering back-up required
  • Ease of installation and implementation
  • No CAD or drawing interface needed


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ALPT - Adaptive Logic Programming Technology

ALPT  (Adaptive Logic Programming Technology) is a programming technology invented by Inrotech

ALPT is a logical structure in a program sequence, that by means of diversity identifiers is able to differentiate a multitude of varieties in welding jobs that contain some kind of common denominator.

ALPT defines its own local coordinate system, by means of appropriate sensors or scanners. The robot searches for welding jobs and welding positions using the diversity identifiers to select the appropriate welding programs and welding sequence. 

The independency of a well-defined global coordinate system and accurate positioners makes it very adequate for the mobile robot solutions. 

ALPT is an important part of Inrotech’s robot solutions, but is subordinate to the system's Task Manager. The Task Manager is the system core, which enables the simple user-interface, makes the logic possible, and that controls and monitors every aspect of the robot.

The Task Manager monitors the welding quality, welding machine, safety systems, panel computer, jogging in automatic mode, logging facilities and every automated feature that the systems holds. 


Mobile solutions – no requirement for well defined positions

  • One of the basic principles for robot applicability is a well defined global coordinate system. Therefore almost all robot applications are stationary or moving on well-defined and accurate conveyers or gantry’s. 
  • Inrotech’s ALP Technology has solved this issue by giving the robot the ability to define a local coordinate system and dealing with the welding jobs within this local coordinate system. 
  • The robots are moving on modularized rails that can be extended as needed. The robot will adjust its alignment automatically when a few rules are being observed.
  • Compared to Teach-In programming, ALPT has the advantage of not only adjusting the welding points, but is able to handle extensive diversities in the welding jobs.
  • At the same time ALPT is pushing the boundaries for the need of off-line programming and minimizing the need of skilled operators.


Autonomous  (mobile) welding robots

We are focusing on industries where there is a big amount of repetitious Arc-welding – mostly heavy steel constructions.

Our robot solutions are second to none in regard to technology and performance.

We are supplying solutions where some or all of the following parameters are issues.

  • Operations must be done by unqualified personnel
  • Welding operations are not suitable for Teach-In programming – due to too big tolerances or diversities of the product
  • ALPT can cover the diversity and inaccuracy of the general design
  • ALPT is combined with a 3D scanner for welding geometry identification
  • The robots cannot be stationary because of a big or changing working area
  • No standard robot or welding solutions providers can solve the task