» There is definitely a shared excitement regarding Inrotech’s Technology and capabilities.  Being in the welding industry for over 20 years now, I have never seen anything like Inrotech’s mobile robot with minimal programming and quick set up time. We now have to look at robotics in a whole new light. What used to be a dedicated area with a very inept technical operator,has become a potential opportunity to automate due to the ease of use and flexibility. «

Gerald Dasbach, CEO, Red Rock Automation, USA



» Inrotech has developed a new robot technology for Odense Steel Shipyard and pushed the boundaries of robotic application. Mobile robots that can detect welding jobs automatically and perform a continuous high welding quality is no longer a fever imagination of shipbuilders, it has become a reality with Inrotech’s mobile welding robot system. «

Thomas Knudsen. VP, Odense Steel Shipyard, Lindø Denmark



» I have been working  with Inrotech on a specific large project with very high requirements for the welding technology and the repetitive quality for the weldings. The weldings were performed as multi-run with full penetration in heavy duty plates in an offshore construction and was carried out in an extreme environments. 

I was very impressed by the handiness and flexibility of the Inrotech robot as well as the high skills and engagement from the very qualified staff of Inrotech. The concept resulted in both an increased productivity and an unmatched quality repetition compared to manual welding and I will not hesitate to recommend similar solutions together with the skills from Inrotech in similar future demanding projects. «

John Stecher Christensen, CEO, Weldadvice Europe