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ERR Award 2013

Inrotech received the prestigious European Entrepreneurial Region Award 2013

Inrotech was presented the significant European Entrepreneurial Region Award 2013 on November 18th 2013.

The Region of Southern Denmark was awarded the European Entrepreneurial Region 2013 Label, mainly due to the Region’s Economic Development 2020 strategy focusing on a limited number of business areas with a considerable growth potential.

Inrotech ApS found itself among the three finalists, and won. It is essential that the regional winner of this award has international success, and Inrotech is no stranger to the international robotic welding industry. The award is often seen as a way to acknowledge a business’ prior results, at the same time as to encourage future plans.

Inrotech stars a unique technology, which makes it possible to weld robotically where in the past it was only possible to do so manually. The main reason to award Inrotech was that the company’s technology and solutions are unconventional in every way, featuring ground-breaking technology and software.

“It is quite amazing. I had not dreamed of winning, and feel both honored and humbled. I may be the head of this company, but there are so many, that have made this possible”, says Flemming Jørgensen.

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