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Market Development Fund

Inrotech receives part of the DKK 50 million allocation from The Market Development Fund

DKK 50 million go to market development in innovative companies

DKK 50 million is the amount allocated to the 19 projects from Danish companies chosen by Markedsmodningsfonden (The Market Development Fund). Said companies expect the allocation will contribute to creating around 700 new positions within a 5-year period.

Inrotech ApS is one of the 19 project leaders which will receive part of the DKK 50 million allocated. The Market Development Fund was established in 2013 with the purpose of promoting growth, employment and export, especially in small- and medium-sized Danish companies. This is achieved by co-financing new, innovative products and services so that they are ready for the market.

A new extern evaluation shows that Danish companies which in the past have received funding from the fund will by 2018 have increased their revenue by DKK 2,7 billion and generated over 2.300 new jobs. According to this evaluation, 8,5 positions are created in a company every time it receives DKK 1 million from The Market Development Fund.

Inrotech ApS’ project will receive a total of DKK 2,2 million, potentially creating up to 11 new positions at the firm within 5 years. The project is called 3D Adaptive Multipass Welding, and its purpose is to test and adapt a new mobile welding robot which can handle the welding of thick materials in especially demanding environments. The welding robot will be able to plan its welding without needing any manual interference, regardless of the conditions it finds itself in.

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