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SMART Yards project

Funded by the European Union, the SMART Yards project aims to improve the productivity of European small and medium-sized shipyards and related subcontractors by at least 20%

This will be achieved by improving the knowledge and technological skills needed to combat tough global competition and provide innovative products. This is particularly important given that the technology gap between smaller ang larger European yards has increased significantly over the past few decades.

The project features seven Key Technology Areas, and Inrotech’s role will be within Welding and assembly. Inrotech will provide simple, mobile and flexible welding equipment as it always does, and will contribute with its already unique technology, developing it further as the projects advances.

SMART Yard began in October 2013, and plans to continue for 3 years. The expected results will be accomplished thanks to the contribution of in total 20 partners. The expected result is to improve the productivity of small and medium-sized shipyards and related subcontractors by at least 20%.

Of the 20 participants, 7 of the most promising will be selected (one for each technology area), contributing in their field to the increase in efficiency that is expected.

Inrotech’s participation in the project is very promising, and we promise to keep you informed of any updates that may occur during the process. We look forward to seeing the results of this project, and to cultivating the relations obtained during the duration of it.

Flemming Joergensen, Founder and CTO of Inrotech "Being a part of SMART Yard has provided us with a lot of knowledge about smaller and medium sized shipyards in Europe. This is important information for Inrotech, as we could be of great help as technical supplier and partner for these shipyards with our new welding automation technology. We will make a solution in the SMART Yard project that hopefully will fit many small and medium sized shipyards. In this process we are also refining some points our technology in order to adapt to the shipyards needs."

The possibility for other yards to join the SMART Yard User Group is still open, and if this interests you, please visit the project’s web or that of its coordinator

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