Visit us at Blechexpo / Schweisstec 2021 – Stuttgart, Germany

Inrotech is exhibiting welding automation technology at Blechexpo / Schweisstec 2021. It will be held in October 26.-29 at Messe Stuttgart in Germany. Besides showcasing our Inrotech-Crawler and WeldLogic Technology, we present Virtual Reality to give you a full experience of several welding sequences with our robots.

During the exhibition you will experience why automating your welding system will bring a wide range of benefits including faster production and an overall better and more consistent welding quality. A robotic welding system can quickly move from one weld to the next helping to improve the entire speed and quality of the welding process.

 “It’s all about welding technology,” says Thomas Bøgner, Director of Sales – “throughout the exhibition, we are showcasing the benefits of our WeldLogic technology from various angles. This technology represents today a unique platform with an unmatched simplicity. WeldLogic, for instance,  offers the feature of welding multipass welding automatically, taking tolerances of the weldgroove into consideration and automatically compensating for variations.

Another benefit of WeldLogic Technology is that you don’t have to transfer any CAD drawings or do any pre-programming- it can to a large degree obtain tolerances as the reference is the object itself. WeldLogic today can be used for the welding of almost any weld groove design and in any position.

Team INROTECH is ready at SCHWEISSTEC to discuss cutting-edge technologies and accommodate expert visitors with detailed queries.

“We’re very much looking forward to personally greeting our customers and other interested parties at trade fairs again very soon – face to face without a monitor screen. Personal contact is especially important for us,” observes Thomas Bøgner”.