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Inrotech WeldLogic Technology

With the Inrotech-WeldLogic technology, the possibilities of boosting the welding and production
 processes of renewables has increased dramatically.

Inrotech solutions provide you the tools to increase your level of competitiveness when
manufacturing parts with heavy material requiring multipass welding joints.

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Welcon A/S, Denmark

We’ve played an active part in the wind business since our beginning, and contributed to the development of larger and more powerful wind turbines.

WELCON currently have 6 automatic systems from INROTECH and benefit from simple setup procedures, allowing maximum welding time. Dennis Riedel, Welding coordinator at WELCON comments “to prepare the rolled rings for automated welding, we only put the root weld in place, and then add a lead in/lead out plate that we trim off after the automated welding”

INROTECH provide an innovative solution to the heavy industry market that offers a solution of bringing the robot to the workpiece, and incorporating sensor inputs and built-in intelligence for the robot to learn the job. 


Voith - Improved profitability

The company Voith selected Inrotech as the supplier of highly advanced automated robot solutions to support their vision of automating the production of modern and powerfull hydropower stations. 

Challenge: To optimize production and increase the overall level of automation.

Solution: Comprehensive INROTECH solution consist of five Inrotech-Crawler

Benefit: Significant increase in output and production efficiency.

The Inrotech-Crawler solutions is designed exactly according to Voith’s production needs. Based on a scanning of the weldgroove, the inrotech-Crawler automatically plans the full welding process: number of passes, location of each pass and the appropriate welding parameters, given the allowed heat-input window, the groove geometry and the welding position.

Weldlogic today can be used for the welding of almost any weld groove design and in any position.—as long as there is physical access for the robot.

Our concerns about not getting qualified staff quickly vanished into thin air. The vision of using mobile welding robots on heavy industry erection sites has become reality. Now those, who have been doubting the feasibility of the project, are bringing their ideas and questions to the table regarding how to implement robot welding in their designs"

Gebhard Salcher
Voith Group
Vice President Field Service Technology


Inrotech uses a very small robot which is placed on a carriage running on a flexible rail system. It is fixed to the substrate by means of switchable magnets. These ensures a safe dependable fixation to the substrate (as long it is magnetic).

The rails are made of titanium, which is both flexible and strong. They come in standard lengths of 3m but can be adjusted to any desired lengt. 

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