Robot welding pipe

Intelligent welding solutions for heavy industry

INROTECH, based in Odense Denmark have made a reputation for providing world class robotic welding solutions that really break with traditional methods of manufacture, and give customers more than they expect!

Giving customers more for less is an important philosophy in the solutions INROTECH provide to their ever expanding customer base. As they progress, their portfolio of products is also growing, and strengthening the INROTECH brand across the globe.

INROTECH have had a history of providing welding automation since the mid 90’s developing its first product for the ship building industry. Odense famous for its shipyards provided a perfect test arena for what has now become the main product in INROTECH’s growing solutions line-up. The “adaptive intelligence” they built into their system, which utilised a FANUC LRMate 200 series robot, is what gives INROTECH their industry leading advantage. It’s that competitive edge that has meant that in the past years INROTECH have now started working not only in ship building but also other heavy industries requiring large part welding, the latest customer being windmill tower manufacturer WELCON.
The INROTECH technology is providing a fully automated solution for parts previously thought only to be suitable for manual or semi-manual MAG or submerged arc welding. Morten Arndal Nielsen, Chief Commercial Officer for INROTECH says “we specialise in bring the robot to the job, rather than the traditional method of bringing the job to the robot. This philosophy is the only way you can achieve automated welding on some of the very large structures we now see as our target market”

The previous generation of the INROTECH product used a distance measurement system to determine the joint position, which in itself was perfect to get the robot arm in the right place to perform the welding required. What INROTECH have now integrated and developed is the ability to use similar scanning technology with a 2D linescan system to measure the size and volume of a prepared weld joint for itself, the software will determine what welding parameters are needed to fill that joint, and then perform the welding to a very exacting standard.

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