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Inrotech-Crawler At Heavy Industry Site Has Become Real For VOITH

The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.
The company Voith selected Inrotech as the supplier of highly advanced automated robot solutions to support their vision of automating the production of modern and power-full hydropower stations. 

The first delivery from Inrotech to Voith was in 2018 and included a Inrotech-Crawler robot to guarantee flawless workpieces and excellent welding quality. In 2019 Voith took another step in the process and invested in four Inrotech-Crawler to optimise its production of hydropower stations. For this purposse Inrotech uses a very small robot which is placed on a carriage running on a flexible rail system, which is fixed to the substrate by means of switchable magnets. These ensures a safe dependable fixation to the substrate. 

Challenge: To optimize production and increase the overall level of automation.
Solution: Comprehensive INROTECH solution consist of five Inrotech-Crawler
Benefit: Significant increase in output and production efficiency.

Our concerns about not getting qualified staff quickly vanis-hed into thin air. The vision of using mobile welding robots on heavy industry erection sites has become reality.
Now those, who have been doubting the feasibility of the project, are bringing their ideas and questions to the table regarding how to implement robot welding in their designs”- Gebhard Salcher, Voith GroupVice President Field Service Technology

Robot welding on turbine