Against shortage of skilled workers and for consistent quality

Manufacturing companies have to face an increasing shortage of welding specialists. In order to counteract this, well thought-out technologies are needed to avoid interfering with the production conditions and at the same time relieve the welding specialists employed.

ABICOR BINZEL now offers such technology solutions with robust, reliable robot welding torches and an extensive knowledge of products, processes and applications in joining technology together with the Danish company Inrotech A/S, a company which develops intelligent, adaptive and sensor-based robot technology.

With this cooperation, both companies are pooling their specialist knowledge and offer innovative automation solutions, especially to production companies where robot welding has not yet been a topic.

During an official visit to the ABICOR BINZEL headquarters, the partnership was signed by Inrotech CEO Gert Jørgensen and Sales Manager Thomas Bøgner.

Relief for companies and welding specialists

The new partnership with Inrotech A/S, a developer and producer of mobile welding automation, now opens up new possibilities for both parties, especially in shipbuilding and offshore plant construction. The jointly implemented automation solutions from ABICOR BINZEL and Inrotech A/S are a decisive advantage, especially where the penalties for delivery delays are severely high and consistently high quality must be guaranteed. However, these automated processes do not replace welders – in fact, they are relieved, given opportunities to further develop their professional qualifications and can carry out more demanding tasks

Bundled expertise in automated processes

Uncomplicated robot welding systems that can be used quickly without extensive training are the result of this new partnership. ABICOR BINZEL contributes special robotic welding torches including wear parts, expert knowledge in arc welding technology and an international business network.

Inrotech A/S develops intelligent, sensor-based robotic welding systems equipped with a special software, especially suited for the construction of ships, offshore and wind turbines as well as the steel construction industry. This combined expertise means stable welding processes and consistent quality of the weld seam for every user. Even in applications and production processes where robotic welding systems would be difficult to imagine