Inrotech Welding Solutions Heavy industry

Turnkey solutions

Inrotech Robot Welding systems are designed to meet even the highest demands in the market that others simply cannot. 

Automation for thick plate heavy welding requires careful consideration. With our systems designed to ensure the highest quality and repetitive accuracy, we offers custom and turnkey solutions to meet your ROI objectives.


Inrotech Robot welding solution

Designed For Heavy Industries

INROTECH robot welding solutions are designed for use in the heavy-duty production environment. 

No matter what type of metal structures are manufactured, the structural integrity will always depend on the welding quality. Inrotech’s flexible robot systems are engineered to raise end-product reliability when fabricating bridges, storage tanks, submarines and cranes. 

Inrotech robots can be utilized 24/7 and 8760 hours per year.

  • SELF PROGRAMMING – no CAD transfer needed, no engineers needed for programming 
  • EASY TO INSTALL – hours after delivery, the Inrotech robot is ready for operation
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – operation of the Inrotech robot system is easy and comes with an intuitiv touch screen. It doesn’t require any particular robot experience or long education to operate the Inrotech robot.  
  • MOBILE AND FLEXIBLE – No need for safety fence around the Inrotech robot. Suitable for both open and narrow spaces. Works well with gantry, crane, single or multiple plaform, rails or on wheels. 
  • PROVEN CONCEPT –  The Inrotech robot system have been installed and successfully employed at multiple shipyards around the world

The Inrotech-Crawler is designed for heavy industry for welding of high quality multipass welding’s on site in any position needed. It is designed to weld both horizontal and vertical multipass connections in tank systems. It can be moved around in any kind of production and thus offer an extremely high degree of flexibility to the customer. 

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