3D scanning multipass welding with Adaptive Intelligence

WeldLogic Technology

WeldLogic offers the feature of welding multipass welding automatically, taking tolerances of the weldgroove into consideration and automatically compensating for variations. After an intensive development period, Inrotech launched in 2016 the WeldLogic technology as a complementation to SensLogic. The first systems were installed for the welding of the longitudinal joints in windtower sections. 

Based on a scanning of the weldgroove, the system automatically plans the full welding process: number of passes, location of each pass and the appropriate welding parameters, given the allowed heat-input window, the groove geometry and the welding position. Weldlogic today can be used for the welding of almost any weld groove design and in any position.—as long as there is physical access for the robot.

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WeldLogic Advantages

High level of automation

The main advantage of WeldLogic compared to other systems, which partly or fully are based on off-line programming, is that the operation runs fully automatic: No programming, No transfer of CAD-drawings, No back-end engineers required, simple green/red button simplicity, green for start, red for stop. 

Simple operation

As the robots are not depending on any accurate global coordinate system, but rather is taking reference point in the object itself, no accurate positioning is required: The robot will figure it out by itself! Groove design and position, welding wire type etc. may be selected on the intuitive touch panel. The scanning of the weldgroove and planning of the welding process is done automatically.


Increase quality and consistency in repetitive tasks that are undesirable for human workers. WeldLogic can reliably perform precise, consistent welds, while fully automatic filling up of butt weld grooves in heavy gauge material.

We are constantly rethinking both the mechanical concept and our
unique software. This approach enables the use of our robotic
welding solutions in new and previously unseen areas.

Applications with WeldLogic Technology