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Robot Welding for Heavy Steel Industries

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Inrotech’s solutions will increase our productivity

Inrotech’s solutions will increase our productivity and quality and at the same time use less manpower.

We have not seen technology like this before used in the shipbuilding industry. Inrotech makes us able to weld a variety of objects with no welders or with welders that are less experienced.


Traditionally, shipbuilding is very much hand-made so we are happy to find a company which can provide new solutions.


Isabel Pico Diaz
Production Manager, Barreras Shipyard

Choose Inrotech if... require automated welding solutions to be simple to operate. Inrotech’s solutions are preferably operated by welders, no programming skills or robot experience required.

..adaptive intelligence sounds appealing to you, believing that software has a better memory than humans and is better suited for repetitive work. have welding operations not suitable for Teach-In or Off-line programming – due to constant variations in design and tolerances.

Please reload are manufacturing/installing components, which are too large to move into a robot cell or under a welding gantry. require a constant and uniform welding quality, even if there are variations in the weld groove geometry.

..lack of manual welders and/or high labour cost is threatening your future production capabilities and you must act on this strategical challenge.

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