Who we are

We are the disrupters of our industry, pioneering twenty-first century
shipbuilding, offshore, wind & Hydro and heavy industries with bold ingenuity

About Inrotech


The management at Lindoe bought into the idea and had Flemming to build 10 such systems. They were employed in the production with great success.
Shipyards around the world started noticing the small mobile welding robots at Lindoe and made inquiries. That was the start of Inrotech.

After an exploratory phase marked by a high degree of excitement and creativity by a crew consisting primarily of engineers, Inrotech took a more professional direction in 2014: A CEO and a Sales Director came onboard as well as a professional Board of Directors. 

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robot welding of micro panels


Inrotech designs and manufactures automated production and welding automation solutions for shipbuilding needs. 

 The trademark of Inrotech is still small and mobile robots, even the portfolio of standard products has now been expanded to include gantry solutions; still based on the no-programming philosophy. Inrotech was born out of the shipbuilding industry and shipbuilding still represents a main market segment together with market segments like: Off-Shore, Wind & Hydro and Heavy Industry in general.


One of our trademarks is Inrotech’s mobile welding robot solutions, where you take the robot to- or even into- the object. Ideal for construction sites, for the welding of large structures or simply where you want robots to fit into your existing workshop flow.