ASTILLEROS DE MURUETA have improved its efficiency and welding quality with the Inrotech-MicroTwin

The Basque shipbuilding sector maintains its productive activity despite the market still feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The three private Basque shipyards in operation, Murueta, Zamakona and Balenciaga, have achieved great success – thanks to their specialization in market niches with deep-sea fishing vessels, special vessels to support marine platforms, and oceanographic vessels. 

ASTILLEROS DE MURUETA is a privately owned industrial group with more than 60 years of activity, dedicated to the design and construction of different kinds of vessels. That enthusiasm remains intact today and is reinforced by the experience of having built more than 200 vessels. ASTILLEROS DE MURUETA is commitment to and confident to use of the most advanced technology and the most highly qualified work force which will guarantee the achievement of the highest quality of vessel for each owner.

“In 2017 we started investing in automation systems from Inrotech. Our target was to modernize our processes and take advantage of technological improvements that had been specifically made within shipbuilding automation. We initially analysed our shipbuilding needs for future production in which Murueta could improve. Finally, the initiative was separated into three areas, people, shipbuilding production and shipyard facilities,” says Josu Apraiz Anasagasti, Commercial Director 

ASTILLEROS DE MURUETA are building new vessels. Normally the type of vessel depends on the market. During the last years they have built fishing vessels, cargo vessels, oil tankers, dredgers and tugboats. Since 2018 they have used the Inrotech-MicroTwin in the build of LNG Supply tanker, Factory Trawlers, Tug, Tanker and Fishing vessels for owners such as Qaleralik, JADRAN GROUP, ICE TRAWL Greenland, ALSAKER FJORDBRUK and MURELOIL. 

“The results of Inrotech welding solution have been a significant improvement in the performance and consistencies of individual processes within the production flow. We have become leaner, more efficient, and more consistent with the quality of our shipbuilding production. Another benefit of the automated welding solutions is that we are not depending on any engineering office and are therefore reducing the engineering hours. We have the option to change the production program immediately if necessary” says Josu Apraiz Anasagasti, Commercial Director. 

The operator of the Inrotech-MicroTwin at MURUTEA, Ivan, normally place the items to be welded randomly within the workspace of the Inrotech-MicroTwin and press the start button on the intuitive touch panel. The scanning of the panels now takes place. It only takes a few minutes.

Once the scan is completed, the exact position of each profile is verified by the laser sensor, which is integrated in a housing also holding the welding gun. The welding of the profiles now takes place without any further input from Ivan’s side.