SensLogic Technology
Laser sensor and line scanning supported by logic and rules

The SensLogic technology is a unique technology developed by Inrotech around 2008-2010. It works based on a correlation between sensing, design rules and logic.

As long as design rules are present, SensLogic can be used for a broad range of solutions, that could be mobile systems, gantry based or other designs.

The mechanical design of the hardware around the welding robot systems primarily serves to bring the robots in position for welding. Thus, there are in principle no limitations to the range of possibilities.

Based on years of experience, Inrotech’s design team strive to ensure a high quality design, which is well suited for a hard working environment.

Most of the welding robots based on SensLogic technology, are designed primarily for the shipbuilding industry.

On the Inrotech team we have highly skilled welders from the offshore and shipbuilding industry, who ensure that  Inrotech offer not only great technology, sophisticated software and robot design, but also first-class quality robotic welding.


Preparation and test of the functionalities are given high attention in order to ensure a smooth implementation in the customer production line.

During a project Inrotech is optimizing the welding parameters to the extent possible before shipping the system to the customer.

Subjects such as: Welding wire, shielding gas type, steel type, primer, preparation conditions like gap etc. must be considered. All these process conditions are important factors in a welding robot project with SensLogic technology.

Once the system is delivered and set up at the customers site, final optimizing/fine-tuning takes place, while the system is running in production.


The main advantage of SensLogic compared to other systems, which partly or fully are based on off-line programming, is that the operation runs fully automatic:

  • No programming

  • No transfer of CAD drawings

  • No back-end engineers required

  • Simple green/red button simplicity: green for start, red for stop.


This also means that the operation of the system does not require any special educated staff. A short introduction and you are ready to go!


Depending on the design of the Inrotech welding robot in question, the robot must be placed in the correct working position. As the robots are not depending on an accurate global coordinate system, but rather is taking reference point in the object itself, no accurate positioning is required: The robot will find out by itself! This also makes the system more tolerant to building tolerances, than usually seen for robot systems.

When the welding robot is in the right position and the job set-up is prepared, the operator just needs to start the sequence. Often this means that the operator, in most cases being the welder, just has to press the START button. In some cases, the operator also needs to select a direction and maybe even number of jobs to perform automatically after each other. But that’s it! The SensLogic welding robot from Inrotech recognizes the designs, sizes and dimensions and starts welding automatically without further input.

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