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 WeldLogic at Welcon A/S, Denmark

The above video is a great show-case of the WeldLogic technology.

It illustrates how simple it is to operate the system and the efficiently by which butt welding in heavy steel plates can be automated.


In this case our system is replacing traditional Submerged Arc welding, which then did require 1 operator per workstation.

Now 1 operator operates 6 robot systems.


In this demonstration all welding is conducted in PA position, however, the WeldLogic technology can be used for all welding positions.


Prior to welding the weldgroove is scanned by means of a line scanner. Upon completed scanning a 3D image is created.

Based on this image the Weldplanner, which is the brain of the system, calculates the full welding procedure by determining the number of welds, location of each pass, weaving pattern, speed etc.

I.e. from start to completed welding no further input from the operator is required.

Variations in the weld groove geometry are compensated for automatically on the fly. Variations of +/- 30% can be handled.


Enjoy the video!

 SensLogic by Inrotech-Classic

Inrotech’s SensLogic technology is mainly used for single pass welding and fillet welds.

Even though the Inrotech SensLogic welding robots are primarily targeting the shipbuilding industry, it can be used for many applications across industry segments.

Inrotech’s SensLogic technologies uses sensors and scanners of different kind to identify the welding jobs. Software based on logic and rules is supporting the sophisticated technology behind this automated identification process. The system still being extremely simply to use; no programming is necessary, no coding or choice of macros of any kind are necessary and Inrotech’s SensLogic based welding robots even works without transfer of CAD drawings or other 3D files.

Once the job has been identified, the robot starts welding automatically and immediately, once the sensing and/or scanning is completed. No data processing time is required.


Enjoy the video!

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