Customized solutions

Both the SensLogic and the WeldLogic technology can be used in a variety of customized solutions, which may differ more or less from the standard product portfolio.

Whereas the basic building stones, like: Robots, welding machines, control principles, Weldplanner, task-manager, etc. remain the same, a multitude of hardware solutions can be tailored around it in order to meet the requirements of the specific assignment. Often hardware solutions can be pieced together using designs and functions from the large library of existing solutions made by our company. 


Inrotech is a very innovative and creative company and believe that everything is possible. Our motto is: “Everything is possible… the impossible just takes a little bit longer”

A customized robot welding solution can be made on a variety of hardware platforms: Stationary, rail based, wheel based, gantry based, telescopic arms, etc. Only your imagination defines the limits!


Depending on the project, the timeline for a customized solution typically is longer than for a standard solution product. Our customer must expect in some degree to be part of a development project, which requires common efforts in order to become a success.

All our standard products have come to life as a result of such development projects.


Please contact us for further information and questions concerning customized solutions.

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