Ador Welding Limited announces its partnership with Inrotech

Ador Welding Limited, The leading welding and cutting solutions provider, has announced its partnership with Inrotech, a Danish mobile robotic and adaptive multi-pass welding technologies provider in India. With customers being the driving force behind all the initiatives at Ador, this partnership aims to further meet the growing demand for welding automation technology in shipbuilding, offshore plant construction, and other industries incorporating heavy industries, thus helping create the best welding experience for its customers and partners.

The collaboration aims to unify the expertise of both companies to provide intelligent and user-friendly automation solutions equipped with intelligent software and scanning technology.

Managing Director, Aditya Malkani, commented, “this new partnership with Inrotech will further enhance ADOR’s capability to provide welding solutions to India’s Heavy Engineering industry. We look forward to jointly introducing new robotic welding technology solutions for our existing and prospective clients.”

The cooperation with ADOR Welding is of high importance due to their long-lasting and close relations to relevant clients. With this partnership we are ready not only to supply intelligent and advanced welding technology, however, also to provide local service” says Thomas Bøgner, Sales Director, Inrotech.

Established in 1951, Ador (formerly, Advani-Oerlikon) is one of the leading welding companies in India, manufacturing high-quality welding equipment, consumables, and welding automation solutions. Additionally, Ador has been in the Flares & Process Equipment Division for more than 30+ years. Ador has played a significant role during the post-independence industrialization in India and takes immense pride in its heritage.

With a presence across 40+ countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, Ador maintains a robust sales and distribution network across the globe and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of industries including defense, shipbuilding, oil and gas, railways, infrastructure, nuclear energy, power and automotive sectors.