Inrotech joining forces with Kemppi Welding Solutions

Inrotech has now formalized their long term cooperation with Kemppi Welding Solutions . The cooperation, that initially started in connection with the development of the double hull robot solution on Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark, has now been turned into a joining of forces aimed towards heavy industry automation solutions, and in particular shipyard welding automation.

Kemppi is a worldwide provider of high quality and reliable welding machines, with its main focus on shipyards and other heavy industries. Kemppi has positioned itself as one of the world most serious suppliers of welding power sources by their relentless effort to secure high quality and reliability in their products. Thus keeping maintenance costs down and reducing payback time of investment.

“Teaming up with Kemppi has been the logic conclusion of our long term relationship. We don’t compromise quality or our commitment towards our customers, and in that regard we share common values with Kemppi. Secondly one of the vital components of our welding solutions is – naturally – the welding power source. Our experience using Kemppi’s power sources, has been very positive, and Kemppi has proved to be a reliable and customer oriented company with a resolve to meet our requirements”, says Flemming Jorgensen, CEO of Inrotech.

Inrotech’s mobile welding robots for heavy industries, is targeting shipyard welding automation worldwide. Kemppi has recognized the breakthrough in shipyard automation provided by these solutions, as being in line with their strategy of being the leading welding equipment and solution provider.

Inrotech revolutionary Intelligent Welding Recognition technology, is taking robot welding automation into a new level. The simple and intuitive user interface makes robot operation usable for workers without any robot experience. The size and mobility of the robots makes them applicable in areas where robot operation until now has been difficult or impossible.

Until now around 20 mobile robot units powered by Kemppi welding machines has been implemented in different shipyards around the world, and new orders are on their way. The fascination of high welding quality as well as high reliability and ease of use makes customers ask for further robot applications for their production lines.

 Inrotech is offering this unique welding concept to shipyards and other companies looking for an automated welding solution to be used in challenging structures.

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