robot welding of panels

Inrotech-MicroTwin Brings Competitiveness And Efficiency At Shipyard SEVERNAV S.A.

Severnav S.A Shipyard, a modern and proficient shipbuilding company from Rumania invested in the first INROTECH solution three years ago.
Severnav is building new seagoing and inland ships of various kinds, while also offering standard repair programs for ships, damaged ship repairs, retrofitting and ship conversions. In order to respond and successfully meet the needs of their clients, Severnav has combined their strong experience with modern welding technology; after investing in the Inrotech-MicroTwin solution, the company has since achieved great results.

The Inrotech-MicroTwin replaced manual work, increases efficiency and quality.
The latest investment, Inrotech-MicroTwin, was delivered to Severnav in the end of 2019. The robot welding solution is a compact and light weight gantry with 2 welding robots, welding machines and a scanning system for identifying stiffeners on panels. It is specifically designed for the welding of micro panels, sub-assemblies and T-profiles in the shipbuilding industry but can also be used for other purposes.

According to Christian Miu, Director for Strategy & Development, the company has been very satisfied with the order- starting from the installation phase. “The inrotech-MicroTwin has been a real asset for us, you can see it day by day why it is adding value to our company”, says Christian.

One of the main advantages that Severnav was looking for by investing in Inrotech-MicroTwin, was replacing manual work. Implementing a robot solution into the production has therefore allowed Severnav to re-assign human talent to other in-house task.

Act for future efficiency
A forward-looking mindset of Severnav S.A Shipyard has modernized and expanded their production-strategy with various automated solutions. “We will certainly experience an increasing need for robot welding and automated solutions in shipbuilding industries. I’m sure that within a couples of years, there’s no way of getting out of implementing such solutions, and we have been satisfied with Inrotech’s  flexible solutions and real-time support.

“When some of our friends visit us, also from abroad, we are quite transparent about our automation strategy. We highlight the strongest- and weakest points, but when we involve Inrotech in the dialogue, the weakest point turn into a strong point, because Inrotech improve all the time. What really summarizes the advantages is efficiency. “

“Robot welding is efficient, and we surely recommend it. If someone wishes to experience how we utilize Inrotech robot welding solutions and which benefits we have received, our premises are always open for visitors”, says Christian Miu.