oil storage tanks

New robot welding solution for storage tanks

Inrotech launches a new welding solution to help construction companies
overcome common challenges in welding of Storage tanks

Within the next decade, many countries will build e.g., LNG Storage tanks on a large scale to improve clean energy use, safer provision and reserves of energy. 

Currently, there is a lack in efficient, high-quality welding solutions. Most of vertical and horizontal welds are manually welded.
A strong and reliable welding solution is therefore valuable for construction companies within the market of large storage tanks. Difficulties in finding experienced welders and increasing quality requirements have also provided an escalating demand for the automation of welding processes.

From manually to automated welding of storage tanks

This Tuesday Inrotech was able to present how its advanced technology build the foundation for a highly innovative solution for automated welding of storage tanks.
Inrotech specializes in mobile automated solutions for the heavy industry. Similar solution as the one suggested for the welding of storage tanks can also be used for the welding of other large structures like hydro power plants, bridges, cranes, submarines etc.

-when it comes to the assembly of large storage tanks, it is crucial to conduct defect free welding of high quality in order to eliminate any possible risk of failure and repairs, says Gert Jorgensen about the background of their welding solution.

According to Gert Jorgensen, most of todays vertical welds of Storage tanks are performed manually or semi-manually using a welding tractor. In both cases the experienced welder is a key factor.

As welders often are in scarce supply, Inrotech’s robot welding solution has the potential of reducing this problem and at the same time increase efficiency.

Empowering Storage tank construction

The secret weapon is the Inrotech-Crawler, which is designed for heavy industry for welding of high quality multipass welding’s on site in any position needed.

-The carriage runs on a rail, which is resting upon the upper edge of the tank in building. It is provided by wheels, so it easily can slide from one position to the next. Once in position, it is fixed by activating the lock at the top and the magnet at the bottom of the rail, says Gert Jorgensen.

The Inrotech-Crawler is based on WeldLogic technology, which is specifically developed for multipass welding of butt joints. It can handle almost any material thickness and is especially well suited for heavy steel plates. The revolutionary feature of WeldLogic is that it automatically fills up weld grooves and thereby automatically compensating for varying geometry and tolerances. Even material thickness is considered automatically.

This robot welding solution for the market of large storage tanks is expected to hit the market within next month.

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